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This website uses cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the pages and improve the usability. This document provides information about the use of cookies and how to manage them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data units that are stored on your device by the web sites you visit. Their purpose is to recognize the device you used to access the web site. A cookie usually contains the name of the server it was sent from, expiry date and a randomly generated unique ID. Cookie expiry date depends on the type of the cookie. “Session” cookies are stored for the duration of a single online session, while “persistent” cookies are stored until they expire or are deleted by the user.

Why do web sites use cookies?

Cookies and similar technologies help web site operators to provide more user-friendly online services and ensure improved web site performance. Mandatory cookies that are required for correct operation of web sites and functionalities enable delivery of user-friendly online services (e.g. user identification, login, etc.) and ensure that your account is protected.
Cookies are used to store information about language selection, the tab you are currently viewing, font size, language, etc. Session cookies are usually deleted immediately after you close your browser. Cookies for improving web site performance are designed to log browsing history and the interaction with the web site, which enables us to improve the web site design and user experience.

Cookies used by our web site

These cookies, also known as technical cookies, are used by our website:

CP3, UID, UIDRThird party cookiePersistent cookieThese cookies are used to deliver adverts more relevant to you and your interests. They are set by
ServedBy, _kuid_, matchadaptv, matchadscale, matchappnexus, matchbidswitch, matchbluekai, matchbrightroll, matchcasale, matchcontextweb, matchdemdex, matchdlx, matchexelate, matchfbx, matchgoogle, matchimprovedigital, matchliveramp, matchopenx, matchpubmatic, matchrubicon, matchspotx, matchtapad, matchtargus, matchtremor, matchtwitter, matchtwitter, matchyahoo, wfivefivecThird party cookiePersistent cookiePersistent cookies set by
wordpress_test_cookieTechnical cookieSession cookieSession cookies installed by the CMS
wp-settings-5, wp-settings-time-5Technical cookiePersisten cookieSession cookies installed by the CMS
_ga, _gat_shr_pageviewsThird party cookiePersistent cookieIt allows you to track the sharing of the contents on Twitter and Facebook
__utmaThird party cookiePersistent cookieIt is used to calculate new and returning visitor statistics. It is used by Google Webmaster and Analytics
__utmbThird party cookiePersitent cookieIt counts the duration of a session/visit of a user. It is used by Google Analytics
__utmcThird party cookieSession cookieIt counts the duration of a session/visit of a user. It is used by Google Analytics
__utmzThird party cookiePersisten cookieThis cookie identifies the source of traffic to the site - so Google Analytics can tell where visitors came from when arriving on the site

How to manage cookies on your personal computer?

Our website notifies visitors that we use cookies to improve the web site performance. The user chooses whether to allow cookies or not. Please, take note that while you will still be able to visit our web site after rejecting cookies, certain services and web site functionalities may not perform correctly or the content will not be displayed optimally.

Regardless of your decision, you may change your cookie settings (allow, limit, disable) at any time through relevant web browser settings. In order to use these functionalities, follow the instructions for the web browser you are using:

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